“A teenage spirit helped reveal the truth to a reluctant relative”

A while ago I had written about a teenaged spirit that I believe resides in a home belonging to my relative. Through some meditative visualization, I sensed that this was the spirit of a person who had unfortunately ended his life via suicide. I had brought up this notion to my relative, adding that I believed her home to be occasionally ‘haunted’ by this young man spirit (I believe that he moves around the homes in the neighborhood). I distinctly recall that both she and her husband laughed when I mentioned this. I was slightly embarrassed as I am not known to be a psychic medium. At the time they were probably thinking I was some sort of psycho.

Fast forward to the present.

My relative and her husband are in the process of getting a divorce. She had suspected her husband of being unfaithful, but at the time, had little evidence or proof. One evening she was home alone watching television in her family room. It was very late when her husband returned home from ‘work’. He briefly said hello and told her he was tired — he was going upstairs to shower and then directly to bed.

My relative sat for a little while and continued to watch television. Inwardly she wondered if her husband actually was out with customers that night as he had claimed. As if answering her suspicions, she then heard a young male voice — clear and articulate– say “look at his phone”. Startled, she jumped up off the sofa and looked around the room as to the source of that voice. She looked behind the sofa and peered outside the closed windows. She walked over to the nearby staircase; discovering that there was no one, other than her husband– who at the moment was in the shower– and herself inside the home. No one else was in or around the house that could have said that.

After a few minutes she walked upstairs and located her husband’s phone inside his jacket. Her heart was pounding. She kept thinking about that unexpected voice as she opened her husband’s text messages and discovered that he was indeed having an affair. It was a hot and heavy affair. She felt a mixture of sickness and relief; she at least now knew the truth.

She asked her husband for a divorce that night.

In the process of dividing the assets a real estate agent came to their house to evaluate it for the listing. Before she left the house, she turned to my relative and said “you know you have a teenage male spirit in your house, right?”

By this time my relative was not too surprised. She heard this from me a while ago. And she heard from the spirit directly as well. As far as she was concerned, this spirit seemed to have her best interests in mind.

I am wondering now if he will stay in the house after it sells or move on when she does.


“My deceased friend called me this past week”

My cell phone was ringing while I was out grocery shopping this past week. It was Thursday, late in the afternoon. Glancing down at the screen I could see that it was a call from a long lost friend. I quickly answered the phone. At the time I was thinking that it had been at least 1, or perhaps 2, years since we last spoke. I distinctly recalled our last conversation; we were in angry disagreement about something. That conversation did not end very well. In fact I was a little surprised that he was calling me.

As soon as I answered the phone, I noticed a weird hollow background sound. There was even a reverberation to his ‘hello’. His voice was faint. I asked him to hold on, I needed to find a place in the store where I could get better reception do that I could hear him. I kept asking him to hold on as a scurried between aisles, trying to get closer to the front of the store. Maybe I would be better able to hear his voice — the store had tons of noises from other shoppers and the overhead intercom.

Finally I was near the customer service counter, I put the phone to my ear and said hello and immediately wished him a happy new year. His voice was still faint, I could barely hear him. I picked up words like he missed me, sorry and love you. His voice kept coming in and out. I told him that I needed to call him back, that I would call him as soon as I got somewhere with better reception. I finished my shopping and drove home.

After the groceries were put away, I sat down on my sofa and dialed him back. The phone rang and rang with no answer. I left a voicemail message asking for him to call me when he could.

Yesterday evening (Friday) I saw that he was calling me again. I was driving so I let it go directly to my voicemail. I wanted to get home first.

I got into the house and listened to my voicemail. It was not my friend but from his older sister. She informed me that my friend died on Monday night. I was shocked. Not only because he died, but I am positive that he called me two days after she claims that he died.

So, it makes me wonder: if you have unfinished business, can you still contact friends and loved ones? What even makes that possible?

“Strange occurrence of ‘something’ using my son’s voice”

It was about 5 am this morning when the water in my bathroom sink turned on by itself. To be honest I had not have given it much thought. Perhaps there was a change in the water pressure causing the water to turn on without anyone touching the knobs. In the past few weeks I have come home from work to find the sink wet when no others were in the house. I asked for my husband to adjust the valve leading to the sink. That seemed to have solved the issue for a little while. So therefore seeing the water turned on again did not cause me great alarm. However, when I turned to see the lights on inside my closet, I will admit that this definitely made me pause. I am 100% positive that these were turned completely off before bed. And I am also sure no one was in that area whilst I slept. I checked the switch a few times; it was in good working order. I would admit to now being slightly curious but not alarmed.

Fast forward to only a few minutes ago. My husband is making breakfast for our son, who is home on winter break from school. I can clearly see that my son descended the stairs leading down to his bedroom. My husband, unknowing that my son is now downstairs, asks my son a question as to how many eggs he would like. This is when it gets strange — I hear my ‘son’ reply, as if he is standing directly next to me, ‘four’. This voice is as clear as day, coming from right next to the sofa where I am sitting. I rapidly look over, I am startled as there is no one standing there — but the voice was crisp and clear, and unmistakably my son’s.

My husband who is in the kitchen about 15 feet away, says “what?” and asks again, as he is aware that our son normally does not eat that many eggs. “Four, did you say four eggs?”, my husband questions. I feel a brisk chill on my left side and passes in front of where I am sitting. In that moment, one of our family pets, a large bird, starts angrily squawking and flapping his wings; his tail was fanned out wide, indicating fear. I stand up and walk over toward the bird to calm him.

Upon hearing the bird’s commotion, my son is now ascending the stairs, stops and walks near the kitchen door, leans in and says, “no, I don’t want that many — I asked for only two.” My husband replied, “I had heard you say four.” So he heard ‘it’ too. Perhaps I am not just ‘hearing things’.

Whatever said ‘four’ was definitely not my son. And while I heard this strange voice, I believe that the bird was able to see the owner of that voice.

Photos: “Just another deceased person showing up in our ‘living’ room.”

This morning, as I sat in my living room enjoying my first cup of coffee, I started to hear noises coming from the area directly behind the sofa, where I happened to be sitting. I looked over my shoulder a few times and noticed nothing unusual. Just a vintage caned chair with a decorated pillow on it, situated next to a small table. The noises continued– consisting of small scratching or scraping type sounds. Curious, I grabbed my cell phone and over my shoulder, I snapped a few photos.

In four of these photos, I can see a grey mist that resembles a person’s head and shoulders. This was not a shadow caused by any reflection or light source.

Just another deceased person showing up in our “living” room.

“Stop all that raucous!” a male spirit shouted.

At 4:30 am this morning, I woke up to hearing my daughter mumbling very loudly while she slept. I could not make out any of the words she was allegedly saying, but it was clear to me she seemed to be confronting something or someone while she was dreaming.

I walked into her room and was standing close to her bed. The room was dark, of course, but I could still make out her form underneath her bed comforter. I slowly approached her, not thinking as to wake her, just gently place my hand near her hair and whisper something like, ‘it’s okay, shhh’. Just as I was leaning over, a male voice said loudly in my right ear, “Stop all that raucous!” I flinched, I was so startled by the unexpected voice! I quickly stood up and looked around within the darkness, but couldn’t see anything. I stood there debating whether I should return to my room. My daughter was still asleep and no longer mumbling. I waited for another five minutes and went quietly back to my room. I couldn’t fall back to sleep, my heart was still pounding from being startled.

Later this morning, my daughter came into the kitchen where I was sitting while drinking my cup of coffee. She said, “Mom, there’s a tall man’s dark outline against the front door.” She went on to say that while she was in the living room she looked into our glass windows and in the reflection she saw a tall black shadow resembling a man’s physique standing against the door.

I started to get up to look for myself. As I was walking, I immediately thought about the man’s voice that shouted in my ear earlier this morning. I entered into the hallway and looked towards the door. I saw and felt nothing unusual.

Throughout the day I have heard a series of small knocks and pings throughout the house. I am not quite sure the origin of these sounds but for right now they are not causing me any worry. I do, however, think about that man who shouted in my ear this morning. That happens to be something I am definitely worried about.

“Chop, chop and wake up! A male spirit wanted my full attention.”

We have been experiencing an increase of spirit activity in our home in the last few weeks, notably between 1 to 2 am. Last night I was awakened by the sound of a male voice mumbling in my room. I believe that hearing my name mumbled was what had stirred me from a fairly deep slumber. I looked around the room and did not see anything unusual. It seemed to be coming from next to my bed, as if someone was standing there. Although I was fully awake, I shut my eyes and then could hear the same male voice ask a short mumbled question; I could even detect the inflection in the voice. It may have been, “are you up?” A second or two later it again mumbled what sounded like he had said, “can’t hear me.”

It took me another five or ten minutes to fall back to sleep. The next thing I felt was a strong ‘karate chop’ on the top of the mattress near my feet. I could almost make out the feeling of someone’s forearm directly next to the lower portion of my left leg. This made me jump up out of bed and turn on the lights. I could see an indentation in my blanket where I had felt this “chop”.

Well that’s one way of getting my attention.

A cold object brushed against my skin this morning while I was sleeping.

A little over two hours ago I was awakened by something that felt like a cold wet washcloth brushing against the skin on my forearm. The bedroom was dark as I cracked my eyes open to see if anyone was standing there; already suspecting that I was completely alone. My other hand reached over to check if my skin was damp, as it literally felt as if whatever touched my arm would have certainly left some sort of residual wetness. No, my skin was completely dry. I lay there for a few moments to ponder this event, it was distinct and seemed to be purposeful. Afterward I rolled over and looked at my phone that was sitting on the nearby nightstand. Sh$t! I was going to be late for work — I must have forgotten to turn on my alarm! I scrambled out of bed and dressed quickly. Fortunately I was able to get out the door in record time.

As I drove to work, my mind returned to the cold object (?) that I had felt brush against me this morning. If I had not been for this, I would not have woken up, and would definitely have been very very late getting to work. I know that for the rest of the day my mind will be wondering exactly who or what that was.

I got spirit smacked on my rear-end yesterday evening.

There is a lot of talk as of late about the “veil” be thin during the month of October. I see or hear spirits throughout the year so it is hard to say that they are more present this month compared to others. I have noticed, however, a slight uptick in shadows or fleeting images in my home. Yesterday evening, for example, there was a man spirit that had rushed through our hallway, into the living room and then past the television. While he was zipping past the television and lights in the room had dimmed, it reminded me of having a slight electrical brown out. He was going so fast I could hardly make out his clothing or his face.

About two hours later I was bending over my sink while brushing my teeth. It was then that I felt a hand smack me hard on my rear-end. I jumped up and looked behind me. Of course, there was no one there, which was very unsettling. I don’t appreciate when spirits get fresh. If this was the same man spirit that rushed past me earlier, he can just keep flowing through– I don’t like when they show aggressive behavior.

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